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This list of 'useful' links include both work and pleasure links.

  • IBM
    • IBM - The providers of Websphere and Rational products.
  • Java
    • Java? Sun? Oracle? You can find any specification you require here, and LOADS more!
  • Eclipse
    • THE open source IDE used by all major software vendors when developing in a Java environment.
  • Spring Source
    • The Spring Framework - Got it? No? Why not? Go get it!
  • Hibernate
    • The latest (and very popular) object/relational mapping service of information from relational databases using natural Java objects.
  • The latest BBC News
    • keep up-to-date with all the worlds news with the worlds best news provider.
  • British Speedway
    • Fan - yes I am. It is so much more than 4 riders on 500cc bikes with no brakes - believe me!
  • World Speedway GP
    • Just like F1 but far more exciting
  • Hockey in the East
    • News about the complete hockey scene in the East. Arguably the BEST Hockey site in the country.


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